2500km Overland: Siberia

First all-female team to complete the Siberian Run, a 2500km motorbike race to the Arctic Circle through frozen Siberia.

hebrides cycle.JPG

Solo Coast To Coast: Outer Hebrides

Cycling over 300km from the most northernly island to southern tip through the Outer Hebrides isles.

limerick .jpg

Mini Adventure: Limerick To Galway By Bicycle

Cycling over 120km from Limerick city up the west coast of Ireland to reach Galway city over a weekend.

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4500km Overland: India

An all female team driving overland from Kerala, south India to far northeast India covering 4500km in 14 days.

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Source To Sea: Danube River

Cycling from the source of the Danube river in Donae-schingen to where it meets the sea in Constansa, Romania covering over 2000km.