NylonFish Initiative is a nonprofit project utilising nylon fibres from the sea, repurposing lost fishing nets and working to raise awareness for marine debris operations.

Some nets collected while working on Pulau Rawa, IWCI

Some nets collected while working on Pulau Rawa, IWCI

It all began from working with Island Watch and seeing the amounts of fishing nets washing ashore and looking for ways to avoid burning it all, and to raise awareness amongst non-ocean going, everyday folk to the plight of marine life. I also wanted to raise funds for those doing great work to retrieve lost nets, facilitate change and those working to find sustainable solutions to the big ocean problem. So NylonFish was born.


  • Repurpose lost, abandoned and discarded fishing nets

  • Raise awareness for marine debris

  • Provide a source of information on ghostnets and marine issues

  • Fundraising and support marine organisations working with community solutions, facilitating recycling and policy changes


NylonFish is a mobile small-scale operation; repurposing ghostnets.

So far, we’ve carried beach clean ups in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

The product of these beach cleans are collected, cleaned, deconstructed and designed by hand, in which 100% profit is donated to marine organisations.

nylonfish.org coming soon…