‘VIRAGO’ - Original latin word meaning female warrior. A women of strength and courage. Over time this word has been used in negative ways - but we’re taking it back.

VIRAGO COLLECTIVE is a group of adventure loving females hoping to enjoy life, empower and inspire women to challenge themselves and accomplish physical and mental feats.

I’ve completed my own solo challenges over the past few years and have been a part of some extraordinary female team expeditions. The reception from other females, especially in places with complex gender structures was so supportive, that I realised how important it is to challenge ourselves as women and help others to find their inner warrior.

So Virago Collective came to be - we hope to share ideas for adventure and help those wanting to make things happen but just don’t know how to start.

We are only a small group of adventure seekers who each can bring different qualities to the table. We live in different continents, but plan out and support one another in our solo endeavors or team trials.


We are putting together our first expedition as the Virago team which involves a trip through a very icy country by bicycle. We plan to carry out this expedition in 2020.

We’ll be organising small test runs and mini expeditions during the coming year.


Please do reach out if you would like to get involved or if you would like to ask any questions.

We currently work across timezones and the globe, we have a virtual planning office and none of us are in the same place!

Contact: eloisia.wild@gmail.com